Find lost donors and alumni.

Quickly and easily find information about supporters and update your records.
Update Data

Update your supporters' phone numbers, email and postal addresses, business information and other contact information.

Build Custom Reports

Build customized reports about donors with only the information you need — no more wading through hundred-page reports!

Stay on Budget

Pay for the services you use, with no monthly subscription fee, contracts or hidden costs. And take advantage of our free Data Quality Report!

We choose AlumniFinder for two primary reasons: price and reputation. Being a public agency, we always have to consider price as part of the equation. We have not had anyone match the price and content of AlumniFinder.

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What We Need
To get you started, we'll need the following items:
  • Copy of 501(c)(3) Status
  • Copy of Sales Tax Exempt Documentation
  • Name and Contact Information of a Designated Administrator
  • Name and Contact Information of a Billing Administrator
  • Name and Contact Information of System Users